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Wigs for Men by Mandeville

If you are looking for a mens wig to help disguise the effects of hair loss, it can seem that there is much more help available for women than men. However, around 25% of men will start losing hair in their early twenties due to hereditary male pattern baldness – that percentage increasing significantly with age – which is why at Mandeville we have been creating bespoke wigs for men for over 50 years.


Fortunately the options for men with hair loss are becoming more and more accessible, but despite the increasing popularity of surgical routes such as hair transplants, these are not suitable for everyone. Glue on hair systems for men are also becoming more common, although these can be hard to maintain and keep clean. They also require you to shave away existing hair, which is something we would never suggest, knowing how important hair can be for self esteem!

Celebrating 50 Years of Mandeville London Wigs

At Mandeville we believe that our real hair wigs for men are the most effective solution, giving incredibly natural results that will boost your confidence without hindering any natural hair growth. Our hair systems for men (sometimes known as toppers) can also provide the ultimate solution for those requiring a little more coverage on top, as these are designed to blend into your real hair.


We know that achieving a completely undetectable look is key, which is why our male wigs or hair systems are the perfect choice. Replicating heads of hair to the smallest detail is our speciality, as up to 70,000 hairs are hand knotted onto the wig foundation following the pattern and density of natural growing hair. The knots are anchored to the ultra-fine base using a special process invented by and exclusive to Mandeville, giving natural lift and bounce just like a real head of hair.


Your finished real hair mens wig is cut and styled on your head by your Mandeville appointed hairdresser into any look you choose, just as if it was your own hair. The second-skin foundation appears practically invisible to the eye and the ultra-realistic directional knotting allows your new hair to be cut into any style (including very short) whilst still maintaining the integrity of the piece. The result is a look so subtle you can feel confident knowing that your new real hair mens wig appears completely realistic and natural.

Why Choose Mandeville London?

• We have over 50 years of experience in helping people with all kinds of hair loss.
• Everything we make is completely hand made by us.
• Our unique foundation is the lightest available.
• Every Mandeville wig has been made with the very finest European hair available.
• We offer a personal, caring service with empathy and understanding to help you through this challenging time.
• A comfortable and relaxed environment in our discreet private London studio where friends and family are welcome.
• A free and no obligation consultation and allow plenty of time to show you how we can help you.

For more information on our human hair wigs or to book a consultation, please get in touch today.

Mens Wig

Our real hair wigs for men are cut and styled on your head into any style

Mens Real Hair Wig

Our Prices:

Made to Measure

Hairpiece: Prices from £3,050

Full Wig: Prices from £5,200

Men’s Wigs FAQ’s

How will my hair system be secured?

Your new mens hair system can be fitted using double sided medical tape, providing a strong hold that you can have total confidence in. This means you can secure and remove your wig at will, unlike other mens wigs or hair systems, which sometimes need to be glued to your scalp.

No, we advise our clients not to sleep wearing their wig or topper for several reasons. Sleeping in a wig and therefore creating excessive friction on the back of the piece can cause the carefully hand knotted hairs to come through the foundation. Wearing your piece every day and night may also result in your new hair needing to be washed and styled much more frequently than usual, which can ultimately reduce the lifespan of any garment.

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend swimming whilst wearing one of our real hair mens wigs. This is because heavily chlorinated water or salt water can affect not only the condition of the hair but may also interfere with the special polymer we secure the knots.

Rest assured that you will be taught how to easily care for your new mens wig and will also have private members access to our tutorials page. The longevity of your new hair relies on the individual wearer, but on average you can expect around 18 months of wear, often much longer. As we hand-make everything we sell, they can also be repaired after this time.

Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair. The Mandeville team of designers and craftspeople can help whatever your needs.