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"As consultant Trichologists my colleagues and I are fully aware of the emotional impact hair loss can cause. It affects morale, confidence and self-esteem. Wherever appropriate I have been recommending Mandeville London to my patients for over 40 years. Mandeville offer exceptional wig services, the expertise is of the very highest standard and the staff are always very empathetic to their client’s needs."

Mr Glenn Lyons

Senior Consultant Trichologist / Clinical Director, FIT FRSPH MAE

“Just wanted to say a big, big, big, huge enormous THANK YOU for my beautiful new hair. ‘Topsy’ as she’s called is just perfect, even people who know me well can’t quite work out what the difference is. They keep telling me I look younger… tee hee, no complaints on that one!!! You’re a fantastic team, giving a fantastic service. Thank you all so much.”



“Dear Robert, and the Mandeville team, I know this is well over due, but every time I want to write I think I may jinks something!! I cannot express my gratitude, I am a changed person, I am a happier person in every possible way, you have changed my life, and no words will ever express that. The hard work and the love and care everyone put into making my wig so wonderful, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!! Robert I really only got to know you, and it was pure chance that my friend found you and thank goodness she did, you told me what I needed and went out of your way to make sure I went back to Kenya a new person, thank you, thank you, you me able to face life with confidence!!!! I wear the wig every day and treasure it with my life, I read the instructions all the time just to make sure I am always doing the right thing, it is treated like gold dust!!”



“I would just like to say how marvellous the wig was that I bought. It made a huge difference to me during my chemo therapy treatment. It was light and comfortable and so similar to my own hair that I have never felt self-conscious. Thank you so much.”



“Thank you all for an amazing wig. I went to the cafe near you, and lady next to me said how she thought my hair was amazing and was v jealous as her hair was thin on the top, So I said to her (as I wont see her again), that its a wig from Mandeville next door. She was amazed and speechless!!”



“Dear Robert, I’m absolutely thrilled with my transformation. I wish I’d done it years ago. It was a relaxation to feel safe in the breeze and know that people weren’t staring at the ‘Micheal Jackson’. The reaction of others has been very positive. I’ve really enjoyed the compliments, something i’m not used to, it now feels much more like the real me! I love it. Please thank Jo for her warmth and friendliness. It was great to draw on her experience and understanding. Thank you again, especially for the entertainment. I’m sure I’ll be back again! Regards, Sue.”



"Dear Robert & Jo, as someone who has been coming to Mandeville for quite sometime now! I really thought it was about time to write and thank you and I let you know how wonderful you are! I have only ever received kindness, thoughtfulness, discretion and always professionalism from you and also Janet who I speak to on the phone from time to time. Up until now I have had many made to measure, beautiful hair pieces, starting with a lovely 3/4 piece. So with my son’s wedding fast approaching, I felt I needed a nice new, fresh set of hair – but with no time to waste and feeling more than a little nervous – I went for my first ‘Ready Made’. Well I had no worry for worry or nerves! As usual you guys came up trumps and I love my new ready made! Its sleek, shiny and as ever, has been cut and styled perfectly by Robert. I know I don’t have to tell you how traumatic hair loss is, losing your growing glory! You have helped me more than I can say, doing this with such kindness. I always look forward to my visits, catching up with Jo is always a pleasure and putting the world to rights with Robert is great fun and time flies by! A big thank you."



“Dearest Robert and Jo. It will be a year next Sunday since I came for my wig. And in that year you have changed my life completely for the better. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a quality wig, for the sterling service and most important of all……for boosting my confidence to a level which I could not believe would be achieved after my scarring alopecia. I think of both of you often and honestly, before I go to bed I say a prayer for you because you are doing wonders to people who are going through a lot. The wig (which my hairdresser has named Cindy 🙂 lol) is in a very good shape. I take care of it as if it were a child. Take care. Warmest regards.”



"Dear Robert and Jo, I just wanted to say a belated (but very sincere) thank you and give you an update on how I am getting on with my “new hair” – sorry you know I hate the word wig. You know that I have been through a very traumatic time in the last year or so; being diagnosed with cancer was devastating news and the most traumatic part for me was losing my hair. I am sure you can understand when I say that, to a certain extent, my hair was a big part of who I am and sort of defined me. Thank goodness Mandeville was recommended to me. Your expertise, advice and my beautiful “new hair” has given me the strength and support to cope through the past months since I totally lost all my hair through chemotherapy. I have had some difficult times but being able to face the world still having confidence in my appearance – and ability to retain at least some control in this horrendous situation – have made an incredible difference to me. I am so glad you were honest about everything though, you were right to make sure I understood that you may need to be prepared for the amount of care needed for washing, styling etc. It did take a little time to be confident about this but actually I do enjoy the ‘ritual’ now and find it quite therapeutic. Finally you were (of course) absolutely right with your advice re the correct match for my own hair – weight and colour. I was concerned that it may have been too light but once again your expertise proved invaluable. I couldn’t be happier with my hair and just wish I could document all the compliments / great moments I have enjoyed because of Mandeville – you wouldn’t believe them all! Here are just a few: “Mrs J – you do know you will lose your hair very soon don’t you” – Specialist nurse giving me my 3rd chemotherapy treatment when I had lost all my hair“But we thought you were going to lose your hair” – Family and Friends“It’s difficult to understand how much you have been through when you always look so well” – my doctor and many more… Anyway I just wanted to share with you and let you know what a difference you have both made in my life in recent times and say a very big thank you. Hope all goes well – I will be calling in to see you next time I am in London. With very best regards,Gill"



"Dear Jo and Robert, just a line to say how pleased I am with my new hair, it is absolutely wonderful and my confidence in fitting and wearing it is growing all the time! I would also like to thank you both for your empathy, patience and kindness. Your clients, in the main, are probably very vulnerable so the way they are treated is extremely important. As you know, it took me three years to even make that initial phone call, so finding someone with Jo’s warmth and understanding at the other end of the line was more than reassuring. Once at the salon, Robert showed endless patience and I never felt hurried. I think you are an impressive team! Thank you both once again."



"Buying a Mandeville wig was a milestone in my life. Within two minutes every morning I have it clipped into place, and immediately my confidence returns. Friends think I’ve gone to a superior hairdresser and I myself am now unaware of wearing it, due to its “light as a feather” feature. No more weekly visits to the hairdresser to deal with my ever thinning hair, just two minutes and I’m ready to go. Buying this wig has been far more flattering than buying an expensive outfit and of course buying this Mandeville wig was also an unexpected delight. Robert and the staff were very sympathetic to the problems of hair loss and yet at the same time extremely helpful in finding a solution with a wonderful new “hairstyle” which looks completely natural."



"Dear Jo, I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and kindness. I haven’t written sooner because I wanted to spend a few weeks with my new ‘best friend’ before I wrote. It took me a week or so to get used to putting it on and off, and now whip it on in under a minute! Over Christmas I have seen loads of friends, some of which didn’t know about my alopecia and without fail the only comments I received about my hair were positive. Not one had a clue and the friends that did know are now so impressed – some joke about wanting a wig themselves! Last year was difficult to say the least and your kindness and support helped me so much. Thank you!"



"Hi Robert. Hope you, Jo and all at Mandeville are keeping well. It’s been 3 weeks now since I left you with my new super dooper new image…..on my way to the station I was so busy admiring myself in shop windows I nearly walked under a blooming bus ! ( you should consider a health warning on your products for your less than intelligent clients like me !)…..anyway all is going swimmingly well. From initial meeting to final fitting I felt I was in professional, experienced hands. You help children and adults suffering some serious health issues and I was treated as an individual. The last couple of years there’s been much talk about ‘mental health issues’, I can tell you my mental health has had a massive boost. What you provide is a very special service and how you provide it is ‘giving of yourself’, not many people find their vocation in life but I believe you have……THANK YOU so much for everything. Love and best wishes"



"I was introduced to Mandeville through my husband who is a hairdresser. I found the thought of having to wear a wig due to chemotherapy quite daunting but was delighted at how easy it was to wear. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a wig as it is very light on the head, it’s only when I got a glance of myself in a mirror that I remembered it was there. Even during hot weather it has been quite comfortable To my knowledge no one knew I was wearing a wig and even at a dinner party where most of the guests were hairdressers no one was aware and quite shocked when I lifted the wig off my head! Can’t thank all at Mandeville enough. Once you are part of their skills, they take the darkness out of the suffering and bring a bright light on the way forward and gain confidence from their expertise. Very comforting help. Thank you again"



"As a clinical Trichologist I see people with all types of hair and scalp problems, in many cases, I can offer treatment plans that will address the problems. In some cases, there may be permanent hair loss that cannot be treated and my first recommendation is Mandeville and the team of experts who work there. Mandeville offer an outstanding level of customer care and service as well as, in my opinion, the very best custom made wigs and frontal systems available anywhere. I am 100% confident that when I recommend my patient to visit Mandeville that they will receive the same high level of care, service and respect that I give to them and this is why I recommend both the products and team, both are truly outstanding."

Eva Proudman

Consultant Trichologist, MIT IAT WTS

"This is long overdue but I want to express my thanks to all the team at Mandeville for creating such beautiful hairpieces. They do make the nearest thing to having your own hair back on your head. I have androgenic alopecia which is worsening with time and knocks your confidence but with my beautiful Mandeville hair I now have a solutionI am a customer for life, five stars all the way."


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