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We understand how hard hair loss can be, and how it can affect our self-confidence. To help women take back hold of their self-confidence and life, we are proud to handcraft real hair half wigs that can help you to achieve your natural look.

Our half wigs, made from the finest European human hair, are designed to allow the wearer to change their hair length and thickness in a matter of minutes. Our real hair half wigs are made using an exclusive lightweight lace material, which is the perfect base for the free-flowing and natural looking bespoke wig. You will be able to choose from different hair colours, length, texture and degree of curl to ensure it blends seamlessly into your existing hair colour and style.


Our range of bespoke half wigs and hairpieces are made by our talented team of wigmakers, who create stunning and natural wigs for clients across the country. We take great pride in creating realistic human hair wigs that feel and react like a naturally growing head of hair.

During your first appointment with the team, we will be able to discuss with you the ideal half wig you would like made – even down to the colour, texture, length and degree of curl you require from your bespoke and made-to-fit wig. Once the wig has been handcrafted, we will then invite you back, to have your half wig to be cut and styled on your head by a Mandeville appointed hairdresser.

Our half hair wigs are made from the very finest human hair, which is hand-knotted into a lightweight foundation so that when wearing the wig, it will feel incredibly comfortable and light. Our wigs are designed and made so that they flow naturally and effortlessly, just like a real head of hair.

All of our natural looking wigs are easy to wash and style at home. We’ll show you how to fit and care for your wig and provide you with a video tutorial to view at your leisure.

Why Choose Mandeville London?

There are many reasons as to why you should choose Mandeville London, the UK’s leading real hair wig makers;

• Over 50 years’ experience in helping people with all types of hair loss.
• Completely handmade and bespoke wigs by our dedicated team of wigmakers.
• Unique foundation for the wigs is the lightest available in the market.
• All wigs and hairpieces are made using the finest European human hair.
• We pride ourselves on our personal and caring services in our private London studio.

Contact Mandeville London Today

At Mandeville London, we pride ourselves on offering the very best real hair half wigs for a variety of hair loss concerns. The welcoming and friendly team are on hand to advise you on the very best solution for your hair loss concerns, so please get in touch today for a free and no obligation quotation.

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Half wigs FAQs

It’s a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

What is a half wig?

A half wig is a term that covers a variety of partial wigs, including ‘half head wigs’, ‘toppers’ and ‘wiglets’. A half wig is a hairpiece which will cover the top half of the head, allowing the front of the client’s natural hairline to be visible.

How do you wear a half wig?

Half wigs are worn like the rest of our handmade wig  collection and are attached either with double sided tape, or small clips that slide into the root of the hair, or a combination of the two. This will be discussed during your appointment and we can advise on the best method of attaching the finished half wig, depending on your hair loss.

Are your wigs made from real hair?

The half wigs at Mandeville are made from the finest European human hair, so they blend seamlessly with your own hair. Giving you with the most natural looking head of hair and giving you back the confidence that you deserve. During your first  appointment, you will be able to choose the colour, texture, length and degree of curl if required, so creating a bespoke half wig to suit you perfectly.

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