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If you're experiencing medical hair loss such as alopecia or thinning hair, but can't find good quality wigs on the market or a wig or topper that fits perfectly whilst giving you the look you want, a professional bespoke wig could be the solution for you. At Mandeville we've been recreating heads of hair for our long term international clientele with handmade bespoke lace wigs and hairpieces for over 50 years. To regain your confidence and style with the most realistic human hair wigs available, look no further than our Made to Measure collection.


Designed with your every day comfort in mind with ultra lightweight wig caps, the first step to creating and styling your unique made to measure wig is to tailor it to your exact head shape, ear to ear. Never settle for an ill-fitting alternative that could damage your real hair and irritate your scalp in the long-run. During your complimentary consultation at our studio salon, a template mould will be taken of your head to capture your exact size and characteristics. This will be transferred over to your own personalised wooden head block, where your bespoke lace wig foundation will be handmade by our specialist custom wig makers, ensuring it is at the highest quality possible whilst being a comfortable and secure fit for every client.

Weighing less than a gram, our exclusive super-fine foundation material is hand-crafted this way to ensure the perfect fit each time. Your custom lace foundation can be tinted to match your skin tone or hair colour, depending on your individual hair loss, creating a natural-looking looking breathable, undetectable base due to the styling and colour match.


For our clients with long-tern hair loss conditions like alopecia or thinning hair, we know first hand how hard it is to lose the hair that meant so much to us. This is why we will always place great importance on sourcing your exact hair match for your bespoke, 100% natural European hair wig. For our Made to Measure wig clients, there are infinite possibilities and no time or expense will be spared in the pursuit for your desired look. You will be welcome to study and feel countless swatches of hair determining the length, colour, texture and curl and style that you love. With guidance during your initial consultation from our experienced consultants, you will discuss density and bespoke, colouring services such as dark roots and highlights to create the perfect look for you.

After our team of highly-skilled bespoke wig makers have hand-knotted your hand made wigs foundation with your specially selected hair following the pattern and process of natural hair growth, you will be invited back to our private London studios. During your final fitting your completed bespoke full hair wig or topper will be cut and dressed on your head, just like your own real hair would. Our talented stylists will recreate your look and you can be sure that your real human hair wig won't look like a wig at all.


  • We have over 50 years of experience in helping people who suffer with hair loss to restore their confidence with the finest quality wigs.
  • The most important thing is that all human hair wigs are made by us.
  • Our unique foundation is the lightest available and is supremely comfortable.
  • All Mandeville wigs and hairpieces are made with the finest quality European human hair available.
  • We provide a personal and caring service to all clients helping them to feel confident with a solution designed especially for them.
  • A comfortable and relaxed environment for every appointment in our discreet private London UK studio salon.

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It’s a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

How much is a custom made wig?

Within our Made to Measure collection, there are full wig, half wig/topper and hairpiece options available. Our Made to Measure wig service starts from £5,870, our half wig option start from £5,550 and a custom hairpiece will cost around £3,040. However, due to the infinitely customisable service we offer, we often quote for each creation individually depending on your personal requirements.

How long will me bespoke wig last?

Not only has your bespoke wig been created just for you, it was also designed to withstand daily wear. Like any garment, the longevity and quality of your new hair can vary on the individual usage, with some of our clients maintaining their made to measure wig for many years! Following our aftercare advice, you can expect at least 18 months of wear and as we make what we sell, your much loved hair can be repaired by us in the future on your personal wooden block.

How will my bespoke wig of topper be attached?

Like all aspects of our bespoke wig service, we always assess your individual hair loss needs when deciding how your new hair will be styled and attached. We understand that for many who wear wigs, the fear of your hair system detaching without your consent can be debilitating. You can be confident that your Mandeville wig or topper will feel secure at all times, as we use clips or medical tape, or a combination of the two depending on the wearer.

Can you get a wig made from your own hair UK?

Although it is possible, it's not a straightforward process -it takes 3 heads of hair to make a single Mandeville wig. This is because we only use 'double-drawn' hair which means all the shorter lengths of a natural growing head of hair are removed so that each hair bundle is thick from roots to tips. You should also consider that during the ventilation or knotting process, a few inches of length will be lost so your wig will not look identical to your own style. Unless there is a specific reason you'd like to use your own hair, we'd prefer to source an exact hair match on your behalf for your new wig which will give you the look you want.

What makes a wig look fake?

The most obvious giveaway for any wig wearer is when the hair is poor quality or very processed. It may have had the cuticle stripped or been heavily bleached and products may have been added to give the hair an unnatural or artificial sheen. This is also very common with synthetic wigs as these fibres do not recreate the subtle textures and movement of real human hair.

Another cause of a fake looking wig is too much volume, thickness and density. Though many with hair loss seek the look of a full head of hair, opting for a piece with a finer density will create the most natural finish.

Is it cheaper to buy a wig online or in-store?

In general, buying wigs online can be cheaper than purchasing them in a physical store. But that might also mean you are compromising quality and customer service. If you are looking for expert advice, at Mandeville London we're here to support every client. We craft all our bespoke wigs from the finest natural hair, ensuring the wig best suits you, your style, and your needs. Buying a random wig online is unlikely replicate your existing hair successfully especially as colour cannot be properly assessed through a screen. It may not work with your hair underneath or pattern of hair loss and often wont meet your individual needs, making the whole experience frustrating and disappointing.

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