Annemarie’s Story

Restoring Annemarie’s natural curly hair with a Made to Measure topper.


We were introduced to Annemarie by Eva Proudman, a leading clinical trichologist whilst filming a TV program called The Hair Loss Clinic. Annemarie’s first noticed her hair thinning over 10 years ago, but saw it worsen after having her first child.

"I used to have thick hair as a child and I noticed it getting thinner and thinner. In my mid-twenties I noticed and actual bald spot… I had no idea what it was, so I just covered it up and carried on with life… When I got to about 30, it had got quite bad by that point so I went to my GP."

It’s common for our clients to not get the help they desperately need from a visit to their GP. Fortunately, Eva was able to complete an in-depth assessment which led to a professional diagnosis, uncovering several factors contributing to Annemarie’s hair loss.

Not only was Annemarie suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, a combination of androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium meant that her hair was miniaturising and shedding far more than usual. Eva concluded this was due to several underlying health conditions that Annemarie was aware of, such as PCOS and hypothyroidism, as well as having a gastric bypass.

Despite it being unlikely Eva could restore Annemarie’s natural hair completely, she was able to treat her scalp condition and prescribe supplements to support regrowth, as well as stopping her hair from declining further, before referring her to us at Mandeville.

Made to Measure Topper

Before her diagnosis, Annemarie had been wearing hair extensions and a sewn-in hair system to conceal her hair loss. These were uncomfortable and impractical to maintain, causing significant tension on her own hair.

To see as much progress as possible, Eva felt it was important for Annemarie to switch from her current hair system to the lightest, most comfortable option available in the form of our Made to Measure toppers, which she would be able to easily remove herself. Having dealt with advanced hair loss for so long with no help, we really wanted to help Annemarie restore her old hair which she missed so deeply.

"My hair was my identity and I feel like I lost that."

After taking a template for her handmade custom foundation, which would fit perfectly without irritation, our mission was to find a perfect hair match so that Annemarie could feel like herself again. We sourced some beautiful 16” naturally curly European hair which we carefully hand-knotted to produce the most natural, comfortable and realistic result possible. It was our pleasure to be part of Annemarie’s journey and we thank her for allowing us to share her story.

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Annemarie’s Transformation

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