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For women, hair loss around your face and front hairline can be upsetting and hard to hide. There are many possible causes, so if you've noticed a loss of density or you feel as though you might be receding, it's important to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional as soon as possible and get the answer you need. Frontal hair loss can be a sensitive and stressful experience, which is why we have developed the perfect solution in the form of our luxury Frontal Hairpieces (or hair extensions for alopecia) to help you regain your hairline and your confidence.



Although we might expect our hairline to weaken or recede slightly as we age, it's possible to experience conditions such as traction alopecia or frontal fibrosing alopecia, causing much more dramatic symptoms that are difficult to conceal such as hair loss or thinning.

Celebrating 50 Years of Mandeville London Wigs
Celebrating 50 Years of Mandeville London Wigs

Frontal fibrosing alopecia occurs mostly in post-menopausal women. It is a type or scarring sort alopecia that affects the front hairline but can start on the face, with noticeable hair loss of the eyebrows. The condition causes inflammation which destroys the hair follicle leading to permanent scarring, which can progress further into your hair creating a bald spot. Once the scarring has occurred, it is not possible for your hair to grow back. The cause of frontal fibrosing alopecia is currently unknown, though genetic, hormonal, autoimmune, and environmental factors are currently being researched. There are a few treatment options available globally though success rates vary, which can add further stress and concern.


If you're struggling with a frontal fibrosing alopecia diagnosis, or feeling insecure about a weak or receding hairline, traditional wigs, hair extensions, or toppers may not provide the best results for you as they are designed for overall hair loss. At Mandeville we have been developing a more targeted approach to hair loss in the hairline and have created a solution (such as a wig with a fringe) that looks completely natural and is the perfect product for every day for those looking for hair extensions for alopecia.

Introducing our new human hair Frontal Hairpieces for frontal fibrosing alopecia and thinning hairlines. These completely bespoke lace hairpieces are handmade to your exact personal requirements, to add a full hairline that blends effortlessly into the rest of your natural hair. Ease the everyday worry of frontal alopecia with a Mandeville Frontal Hairpiece (a partial hair system), a solution you can rely on time after time.

Created with our unique super fine lace material to your exact template, leave it to us to source your exact human hair blend, hand-knotted by our dedicated team of wigmakers to replicate your hairline. Our experienced consultants will work with you to recreate the smallest details for your hair piece to cover bald spot, including density, curl texture and root shade.

Once your hair piece has been handmade, finishing touches will be added. The fringes can simply clip to your natural hair and double-sided medical tape secures the piece to your head - this is not just a clip in fringe, it will feel like an extension of your own hair. It is easy to wear and so lightweight the clips will not cause tension to your own hair and you will soon forget you are wearing it.

Our consultant stylists will take your personal hairstyle into consideration when designing the human hair fringe piece. There are many different styles and fringes to try but most of our clients just want to look like themselves again. Whether you choose to style your own hair into a full fringe fringe, soft bangs or a flattering face frame, your new human hair piece will be cut and styled on your head to ensure it blends into the rest of your style seamlessly. Even if your own hair is very short, a bespoke hair piece can still be the answer.


At Mandeville we understand the emotional distress of any type of hair loss and know how challenging it can be to find effective hair replacement solutions to suit your specific problem. To see for yourself how we are able to combat the look of frontal fibrosing alopecia and give your hairline a boost with a made to measure Frontal Hairpiece, arrange your complimentary virtual or in-person consultation.

Call us on 0207 386 5988 or email and make sure to watch our bespoke Frontal Hairpiece video for even more product information.

Before after images of frontal hairpiece attachment with full fringe


If you have questions about commitment, style, order, clips, wear or anything else that comes to your mind related our human hair fringe pieces, read our questions below to get answers in seconds or get in touch with our team at Mandeville London.

What causes female frontal hair loss?

There are many common causes of frontal hair loss that we see frequently at our studio. Traction alopecia from wearing hair in tight styles can cause a weak hairline. Female pattern baldness sometimes presents itself with thinning around the temples in the front hairline, and some common skin conditions can also cause scalp irritation that can change hair growth. Frontal fibrosing alopecia can cause significant hair loss to the front hairline, receding much further into the scalp over time.

Can hair regrow after frontal fibrsing alopecia?

Unfortunately, frontal fibrosing alopecia is a type of scarring alopecia which means that the hair is unable to grow back once the hair follicle has been destroyed. There are some topical and medicinal treatments available with varying success, which is why we recommend getting a diagnosis and treatment plan as early as possible, using our luxury Frontal Hairpiece to boost the areas already affected.

Can I sleep and swim in my frontal fringe hairpiece?

We would not recommend you to sleep or swim in your human hair Frontal Hairpiece. This is can damage both the hair and the head lace, and will reduce the longevity of your fringe hairpiece. We designed these human hair fringes as an easy way to boost your hairline that you can clip and remove each day.

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