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Do I have to decide during the initial consultation?

No, we understand how important it is to not feel rushed during this sensitive time. Although many are keen to start the process as soon as possible, we encourage clients to take all the time they need – we’re ready when you are!

How long does it take to make a Made to Measure wig?

The time it takes for our specialists to source your bespoke European hair match can vary due to the organic nature of the product, as some types of hair are very rare, and we never settle for less than the best. Your handcrafted Made to Measure wig or half wig can take up to 4 months to create, although we are able to provide an express service at an additional charge

Do I need to pay everything upfront?

No. We know how much of an investment a new head of hair can be which is why we ask our clients for two equal part-payments over the course of the fittings. The first payment doesn’t have to be processed in person at the initial consultation, so if you’d rather take some time to discuss your plans with loved ones you can always give us a call at your convenience to confirm your order.

Can I bring friends/family to my appointments?

Absolutely – the support of loved ones is invaluable and something we encourage. Both you and your guests are welcome to feel at home in our relaxing London studios. However due to the current pandemic, we kindly request that you bring only one companion where possible in line with our new safety measures.

How many times do I need to visit your studio?

After your complimentary consultation, this will vary depending on which collection you choose. Made to Measure – including the consultation you will see us 3 times. The second fitting will be for you to see and feel the hair our experts have sourced for you, and to try on your bespoke foundation to ensure the perfect fit. The final fitting is where your completed Mandeville hair will be cut and styled on your head. Ready Made – Depending on time and availability, we have previously fitted Ready Made wigs and half wigs on the same day as the initial consultation! However, it is more likely that we will arrange a final fitting appointment at your convenience, which can be within a week of initial consultation.

Can I buy a Mandeville wig online?

No, we care about each individual client and are dedicated to finding the perfect hair for them which is why do not and will never sell our creations online. We require seeing our clients in person to make sure we meet their individual requirements perfectly. Although purchasing a wig online may seem like the easiest option, the results can be often very disappointing.

wig maintenance and care
How long will my wig last?

Like any garment, the longevity of your new hair can vary on the individual usage, with some of our clients maintaining theirs for many years! However, by following our expert aftercare advice, you can expect at least 18 months of daily wear and as we make what we sell, your much loved hair can be repaired by us in the future.

Can I sleep and swim in my wig?

We do not advise our clients to sleep or swim in their Mandeville hair for several reasons. Sleeping in a wig, therefore creating excessive friction on the back of the piece, can cause the carefully hand-knotted hairs to come through. Swimming in heavily chlorinated water or salt water can not only affect the condition of the hair but also the special polymers we use to secure the knots. Both of these will also result in your new hair needing to be washed and styled much more frequently, which can ultimately reduce the lifespan of any garment.

What aftercare is available?

During your final fitting you will be taught how to easily care for your new Mandeville hair as well as gaining access to our online members page which has in-depth tutorials for pinning down and washing your wig. We want you to get the best out of our new hair which is why we proudly provide unlimited advice and support via email, phone and in-person.

General questions
Do you visit hospitals or private homes globally?

Yes, we understand if you feel unable to visit us at our studio and are happy to come to you! Over the last 50 years, we have done many home and hospital visits around the world, although this can be dependant on location and availability. If this is an option you’d like to explore, please do get in touch with our team so we can advise you on the additional charge of a home or hospital appointment.

Do you only make wigs for people with hair loss?

No, although we are specialists in helping those with hair loss conditions such as alopecia, thinning hair and those undergoing chemotherapy, we also make wigs for individuals who have not been medically diagnosed. Not all wigs are worn by those who have hair loss, and we are committed to providing your dream hair no matter what. Please note that although clients suffering a medical hair loss condition are exempt from paying VAT, this is not the case for those without hair loss.

Why are you more expensive than other wigmakers?

Whilst it is possible to buy a wig for £100, it’s important to understand the difference between a wigmaker and a wig seller. A wig seller will often mass-produce machine manufactured wigs with a low price point and a quality reflective of this, to be sold online or through other retailers. We’re proud to be one of very few wigmakers who still hand-make what we sell to the highest standard available today, utilising only the very best quality hair.

Can my own hairdresser cut my Mandeville wig?

Our specialist team of hairdressers are by far the most experienced in creating your desired look and we would always recommend your hair be cut in-house by us for the best results. However, on occasion we have facilitated special requests of our clients who would like their new hair to be cut by their own hairdresser. We are committed to providing the most superior experience to all clients and have worked with some of the most prestigious hairstylists in London under our guidance to make this a reality. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the work of hairdressers who have not been appointed or advised by us.

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