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Infinitely customisable, every Made to Measure wig or hairpiece is designed with you in mind. We’ll help you recreate your hair to the finest detail for beautifully natural and undetectable results.

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First fitting

At your first fitting we will guide and advise you every step of the way though the ordering process, where you will choose the colour, texture, length and degree of curl if required. We will also discuss and advise the best method of attaching your finished wig. Depending on your hairloss, you will use either double sided tape, small clips that slide into your own hair, or a combination of both.

A template mould of your head is also taken at this fitting, which is then padded up on to your own personal wooden block. Your foundation is completely handmade on this block ensuring a perfect glove like fit, using our exclusive lightweight lace material. Your personal block will be kept in storage just for you, for any future orders you may make.

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Second fitting

At your second fitting we will try on your foundation to ensure it is a perfect fit and make any adjustments to the hairline if needed. We will also show you your hand blended hair to check that the hair colour, length, texture and degree of curl match your requirements.

With our guidance you will also decide on the density of your finished wig or hairpiece and we decide on the positioning of the crown. The hair is then artfully and meticulously hand knotted onto the foundation following the pattern of your natural hair growth, taking many hours of highly skilled work. Once your wig has been knotted and gone through all our unique finishing processes, your wig or hairpiece is ready for your final fitting.

Final fitting

At this fitting your new wig is cut and styled on your head exactly as you would your own hair, into your desired style. Our fitting and styling service has been carefully designed to ensure maximum client confidentiality and convenience.

We will also teach you how to easily wash and style your new hair at home using the Mandeville accessories, and provide you with a filmed tutorial to view at your leisure.

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Price Guide

Your personalised quote will be presented during your initial consultation. Please note, only clients with medical hair loss are VAT exempt.
For one area of hair loss
Half Wig
For partial hair loss
full Wig
For total hair loss


It’s a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

How do I care for my Made to Measure wig or topper?

You care for your Made to Measure wig or topper by pinning it down to your block before every wash, finishing with a good quality serum in your lengths and ends. Avoid hot styling tools where possible and always use heat defence, should you wish to use them on occasion. You should remove your Made to Measure wig or topper when sleeping or swimming, or risk damaging both the hair and foundation. During your final fitting, your consultant will teach you how to care for your wig or topper easily at home using our range of accessories.

Are Made to Measure wigs more comfortable?

Made to Measure wigs can be more comfortable as the foundation is handmade to fit your exact head shape and size, like a glove. This means there is no chance of your wig feeling too tight or too baggy, resulting in discomfort. Our exclusive foundation material is super lightweight and breathable, so you’re less likely to experience friction, irritation or overheating which makes it the most comfortable choice possible.

Do Made to Measure wigs look more natural?

Made to Measure wigs can look more natural, especially if you’re looking to recreate your own hair without others noticing. They are handmade to fit your own head shape and size, meaning the hairline and other important features are true to your own. We replicate even the smallest details of your own hair to match the colour, texture, density and length, achieving natural results unique to your individual requirements.

How long does it take to make a Made to Measure wig?

It takes around 4 months to make a Made to Measure wig from your initial consultation to the final fitting, although this can vary. Our creations require many hours of detailed specialist work by our team and it can also depend on the availability of the hair we source for you.

To keep your order as timely as possible, your availability is also an important factor! We require you to visit the studio for a second fitting to approve the hair match and check the fit of the foundation before further work is carried out. The sooner we can book you in, the sooner we can complete your piece.

Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair.

When you visit us at our private London studios in Fulham, you will find a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and guide you through the process step by step to find the perfect solution that will work for you.
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