readymade Wigs collection

Our luxury ReadyMade wigs and half wigs are lovingly handmade to the same superior standard as our Made to Measure collection, allowing you to part your hair anywhere.

mandeville london model happy with her new wig

Readymade full wig

The Ready Made full wig comes in 11 colours and 3 sizes and is designed to fit most heads. We use only the finest quality 12″ European human hair to ensure they move and react like a real head of hair.

The Ready Made full wig is cut and dressed on your head into any style you choose. Whether you prefer to keep your new hair long, or go short, our Mandeville appointed hairdresser will work with you to create your vision. They are easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville range of accessories.

mandeville london made to measure wig
mandeville london readymade wig

Readymade half wig

The Ready Made half wig also comes in 11 shades of 12" natural European human hair. With 2 sizes to choose from, they are perfect for those with fine or varying degrees of thinning hair, including female pattern baldness. The half wig is also a great solution if you just simply want to boost your own hair volume as it is a much kinder alternative to hair extensions and hair weaves.

Once they are cut on your head they blend in flawlessly into your own hair, and are totally undetectable. They are also easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville range of accessories.

how to attach the wigs?

mandeville london box of wig tape
Both the full wig and the half wig are attached by either double sided tape if you have no hair, small clips that slot into your own hair or can be a combination of both depending on your hair loss.

Price Guide

Please note, only clients with medical hair loss are VAT exempt.
Full Wig
For total hair loss
Half Wig
For partial hair loss


It’s a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

Which kind of wig is best for chemo patients?

Ready Made wigs are the best available for patients undergoing chemotherapy as they are available within one week of your initial consultation, if not the very same day. During chemotherapy, many clients report symptoms of an itchy, sore, hot or tingly scalp so comfort is key. Our ReadyMade wigs are the most comfortable choice available, as our exclusive, super foundation material is completely breathable, weighing less than a single gram.

Can I wear a wig throughout my chemotherapy treatment?

You can wear your wig during your chemotherapy treatment, as our consultants use their years of expertise to select a size that supports you both during hair loss and regrowth. We can secure your ReadyMade wig using medical tape, clips or a combination of both which we can tailor to you at any time, as many times as you need!

Will a ReadyMade wig fit me?

Our Ready Made wigs collection comes in 3 sizes that were designed to fit most head shapes and sizes. We require all clients to visit our studio for a consultation, whereby suitability for a ReadyMade wig will be assessed by our experienced team. Rest assured that if we aren’t the right fit for you based on our size range, we will advise you of this and guide you through other options.

Can I customise my ReadyMade wig?

Customisation of a Ready Made wig is possible in some cases, whereby the colour may be tweaked in-house to achieve a more specific look. We prefer to avoid colour processing to retain the integrity of the natural European hair but are always open to special requests! Please note that we are not responsible for the results of any customisation completed elsewhere.

Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair.

When you visit us at our private London studios in Fulham, you will find a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and guide you through the process step by step to find the perfect solution that will work for you.
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