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At Mandeville, we know how traumatic it is to lose your hair. Whether it's some of your hair or all of it, the impact can take its toll greatly on your confidence each day. You may think that the process of buying a human hair wig is anything but glamorous, but if you come to Mandeville you will know different. Far removed from the low quality, mass-produced alternatives available online, we have been transforming lives with handmade, luxury wigs for the last 50 years. Recommended by trichologists and celebrity hairdressers alike, we have remained our clients best kept secret since 1969.


Claimed by many but executed by us, luxury lace wigs are hard to come by today. Having been awarded a prestigious government grant for carrying out innovative research into advancing the performance of our lace foundation materials, we have created the most superior lace wig foundation available. Weighing in at less than a gram, invisible to the eye and fully breathable – a luxury wig isn't just the way you look, it's the way you feel.

Our luxury wig collections utilise only the finest quality, 100% natural European human hair from a handful of established suppliers around the world, which is then artfully hand-knotted into our exclusive full lace foundations by our team of specialist wig makers. We never use synthetic hair and accept no less than the best for our clients.

In contrast to machine made wigs, we take great care to replicate the pattern of hair growth, resulting in a natural-looking head of hair that is realistic from every angle. We think that everyone should have the luxury to part and style their hair any way they like, so you won't see any set partings or limited styles here.


Losing your hair can be stressful and unsettling. As well as creating luxury lace wigs, we pride ourselves on creating a luxurious experience in a relaxing environment that our clients know and love. Stepping into our private Fulham townhouse studios, you can expect to be the only client in the building, where you and your loved ones are welcome to feel at home.

From complimentary consultation to final fitting, we'll take care of everything, as our experienced consultants guide through you every step of the way in our stylish lounge and salon. Sit back and relax as your new hair is cut and styled on your head into any look desired, just as if it was your own.

Our team will take their time to teach you how to easily care for your natural hair wig using our specially selected Mandeville accessories and provide you with online tutorials to view at your leisure. Got a special occasion coming up? Why not send your new hair our way – we'll give it some extra care and you'll also benefit from our superior styling services. We proudly provide unlimited support to help you get the very most out of your new luxury wig and are always on hand to provide assistance via email, phone or in-person.

Mandeville hair toppers and wigs come in both Readymade and Made to Measure, they are all completely gorgeous, handmade by us. We believe that due to our unique foundation material our hair toppers are arguably the lightest available in the UK and around the world, in fact, they are so light and breathable you hardly know you are wearing one.

The Mandeville Ready Made range of lace hair toppers and wigs are the best option for those needing hair quickly, for example about to begin chemotherapy. They are handmade with the finest quality European hair in 11 gorgeous colours. We hand knot each ReadyMade topper with hair that is 12" in length, which we will dress into your preferred style.

The Mandeville Made to Measure human hair wig and toppers are made to suit the individual and are great for long-term hair loss conditions such as alopecia. This features pattern matching the hair to your desired colour, texture, length and degree of curl and style. A template of the clients head is also taken so the shape and size of the lace human hair wigs are made exactly to the clients requirements.

Our human hair wigs and toppers are easily secured in minutes to the head by clipping in to your own hair. If there are any areas with no hair, double sided medical tape is used or can be a combination of both.


  • We have over 50 years of experience in helping people who suffer with hair loss from alopecia to thinning to chemotherapy.
  • Every wig we make is completely hand made by us and features our signature knotting pattern and crown swirl.
  • Our unique lace foundation is the lightest available.
  • All Mandeville wigs and hairpieces are made with the finest European human hair available - we never use synthetic hair.
  • We provide a personal and caring service to all clients.
  • A comfortable and relaxed environment in our discreet private London UK studio.


It's a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

How much does a luxury wig cost?

When buying a wig you can assume that the price you pay will be reflected in the quality, which is why we are widely considered to be creators of the most luxury wigs available. Bespoke wigs from our Made to Measure collection start from £5,870 (although we quote for these on an individual basis), and a wig from our ReadyMade collection will cost £4,780. At the top end of the market, we understand how much of an investment a luxury head of hair can be, though our customer feedback reassures us that what we provide goes far beyond the wigs purchase.

What kind of wig looks most natural?

For those looking for completely undetectable results, we will always recommend a full lace wig. Every Mandeville wig is hand made in this way to ensure that wherever the hair is parted, the look of a natural scalp shows through. We have been perfecting the ultimate head of hair for 50 years and our clients who wish to keep their hair loss a secret, have no trouble doing so with a little help from us.

How long do luxury wigs last?

Although your luxury Mandeville wig has been designed with features to ensure its longevity, like any garment this also depends on the individual wearer. Following our aftercare advice, you can expect at least 18 months of daily wear from your human hair wigs. As we are one of very few companies that make what we sell, your luxury wig or topper can also be repaired by us in the future. The colour of our human hair wigs can also be refreshed if faded from the sun.

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