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Makers of the finest handmade wigs

So natural... nobody will know you are wearing one. Exclusively designed and created by us to give you the most natural looking head of hair.



Mandeville has been at the forefront of the wigmaking industry for the past 50 years. We are the Europe’s leading specialists in handmade European hair wigs and hairpieces, providing a solution for all types of hair loss, from alopecia, chemotherapy, thinning hair and scalp traumas, Find out more>

Mandeville London Handmade Wigs

Our range of wigs and hairpieces give you the very nearest you can get to having your own hair. For whatever reason you may have for requiring a wig or hair piece, your needs are met by the team of designers and craftspeople at Mandeville. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the unique personal service we offer all of our clients in our London Studio. We understand the importance of having a natural looking head of hair and are here to give you back the confidence you deserve.

beautiful hair

Beautiful life like European Hair Wigs

Our team of highly skilled wig makers in London are dedicated to recreating beautiful life like heads of hair. By combining our unique lightweight foundation material and hairs singly hand knotted, then anchored the same way as natural hair growth, we create lift and bounce that no other wig can achieve.

Maggie, London
As someone who has been coming to Mandeville for quite sometime now! I really thought it was about time to write and thank you and I let you know how wonderful you are!
Cheryl, Essex
Just a line to say how pleased I am with my new hair, it is absolutely wonderful and my confidence in fitting and wearing it is growing all the time!
Kate, Sussex
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and kindness. I haven’t written sooner because I wanted to spend a few weeks with my new ‘best friend’ before I wrote.
Made to Measure


The Mandeville Made to Measure collection of wigs and hairpieces are crafted and handmade to your special requirements. They include an individually tailored foundation and hair matched to your desired colour, texture, length and degree of curl.


Ready Made


Mandeville have created a Ready Made collection of wigs and half wigs that are all completely handmade. They are available in a choice of 11 carefully selected colours and 3 sizes. They are a great choice if you need a wig straight away and are cut and dressed on your head to your preferred style.


We would especially like to thank our clients who kindly agreed to be photographed and filmed for our website.


Joanna Pickering
Joanna Pickering

Jo came to Mandeville 20 years ago as a client and immediately fell in love with all things to do with wig making, so much so she was delighted when Mandeville invited her to join the Mandeville team. Having lost all her hair though alopecia herself, Jo has an affinity with her clients, giving them reassurance and guidance especially when they see how natural her Mandeville wig looks. Jo loves to be able show clients that having Alopecia certainly doesn’t stop you from living your life to the full.

Robert Frostick
Robert Frostick

Robert’s work with Mandeville spans 35 years, during which time he has helped thousands of women from all over the world resolve their hair loss problems. Robert when leaving school took up a career in hairdressing and very quickly found himself working his way to the top of some of London’s elite hairdressing salons and found himself working with many celebrity clients. Robert’s expert knowledge of wig design and fitting is non comparable so it no surprise his talent attracts a clientele from all over the world.

Janet Daly

Janet started her Mandeville career as a wig dresser 44 years ago. Very soon after joining she moved over to the foundation making department where she worked closely along side Master wig makers John and Judy Clifton helping them to develop an ultra fine wig foundation. Having made thousands of Mandeville’s unique handmade wig foundations over the years Janet is now passing on her skills to the new generation of Mandeville’s wigmakers.


Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair. The Mandeville team of designers and craftspeople can help whatever your needs.