Linda’s Story

Bringing Linda back to blonde with a ReadyMade wig!


Long term client Linda first started to lose her hair 12 years ago when professional support was lacking. Just two years later, her blonde locks were gone completely and she was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis. The wigs available to Linda were old-fashioned and crude, leaving her feeling hopeless with nowhere to turn.

“It’s definitely a minefield, you have no idea where to go, what to do and you feel a fake as well putting it on… you don’t feel like you’re presenting your real self to the world. It’s a big mental thing to get over.”

Despite trying to participate in support groups after her diagnosis, Linda is open about the impact Alopecia has had on her mental health when medical treatments failed, especially after a visit to a trichologist where she was advised that nothing could be done to save her hair.

As a former model, Linda struggled to find wigs that looked natural and realistic whilst recreating her much loved blonde hair, particularly because they were ill-fitting and much too thick. It’s a common misconception that wearing a high density wig will create the look of a full head of hair when in reality, low to medium density wigs are much more subtle and natural.

Our Solution

We have fitted several wigs for Linda over the years and have cultivated a wonderful friendship as we love to do with all our clients, who are encouraged to feel at home during their visits. During her most recent trip to Mandeville, consultant stylist Robert fitted a ReadyMade wig using double-sided medical tape for maximum security, before cutting and styling her gorgeous new 100% natural European hair. We like to cut wigs while our client is wearing them, not only to achieve the perfect finish, but so they can also enjoy the much missed normality and luxury of a trip to the salon.

Our ReadyMade wigs are hand-knotted to a medium density, giving Linda that all-important natural look she’d been searching for with limitless styling potential. It was our pleasure to  restore the gorgeous blonde hair that had been a big part of Linda’s identity before her Alopecia

“I’m really pleased with this complete different look, back to what I used to look like… It feels great to be blonde again!”

All our thanks to Linda for sharing her story - to find out more watch the full video now.

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Linda's Transformation

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