Care for your new Mandeville hair easily using our specially selected range of accessories. We strongly recommend the following accessories to all clients, as they are necessary for the maintenance and longevity of your wig or topper.

mandeville london block
mandeville london pins
mandeville london box of tape


Block & Stand: Designed for storing, washing & styling your new hair, our unique rubber wig blocks are an essential companion for any Mandeville wig or topper.

Block Pins: To be used alongside your wig block & stand, our reusable non-rusting block pins secure your hair effectively without causing damage to the foundation.

5m Medical Tape (Box of 10): For clients who will be sticking their Mandeville hair, our medicated tape is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. With extra-strong hold, feel confident knowing your hair will stay put until you say so.

Extra Care

Brushes & clips: For easy maintenance and superior styling, our vent brush, pin-tail comb and sectioning clips help you get the most out of your new look.

L’Anza Haircare: Products that deliver moisture and promote repair are vital for your new Mandeville hair. These highly recommended L’Anza products have been tested effectively on our wigs & toppers.

mandeville london brushes
mandeville london wig maintenance products

please note...

mandeville london 2 made to measure wig models
Your consultant will advise you which essential and extra accessories you will need during your final fitting. To repurchase your favourites , contact us to place an order.

Please note that VAT is charged on all above products not inclusive of the Essentials.
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