The Essence of Luxury Handmade Wigs

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What makes a wig truly luxurious? At Mandeville London, it's a symphony of exquisite materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and the intimate process of customisation. We know that living with hair loss can mean missing out on much of the self-care and luxury of a trip to the salon and believe in providing nothing but the best for our clients, creating an environment where they feel completely taken care of. 

A luxury alternative to high street wig shops, our private Fulham townhouse studio welcome you. Our understanding team of expert consultants and wigmakers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and take the time to get to know you and your individual needs.

Materials and Craftsmanship

mandeville london office
Mandeville London Studio

High-End Wig Materials For Finest Quality Wigs

At Mandeville, we know true luxury is not just how you look, but how you feel. Our exclusive luxury lace foundation material is designed by and exclusive to us. It’s lightweight yet supremely strong and is fully breathable. It weighs less than a single gram, so rest assured you’ll soon forget you are wearing a wig at all.

We select only the finest 100% natural European hair, known for its superior shine, texture and movement for each handmade creation. We source this luxury natural hair from a handful of trusted suppliers and are able to create it to match any type of look and texture you could expect or require to get the ultimate Mandeville head of hair. We do not work with synthetic hair or create synthetic wigs, as we take pride in the luxury human hair that looks incredible and feels natural to wear.

Crafting Process of Luxury Human Hair Wigs

Follow the journey of Mandeville London human hair wigs from conception to completion. Each step, from the meticulous selection of the natural hair to the final styling, is carried out with precision and care, embodying the essence of artisanal craftsmanship. From start to finish, your needs are met and prioritised by our masterful team as your luxury wig is created. Our ReadyMade and Made to Measure natural collections are both hand crafted to the same superior exacting standards, so whichever route we recommend for you, rest assured you’re receiving quality like no other.

Exclusive Wig Designers

Meet the visionary designers behind our natural hair wigs. With a blend of artistic passion and technical expertise, they craft unique pieces of bespoke wigs that celebrate individuality and style to suit each client. With vast experience in helping those with hair loss, our team provide an unmatched service. We care for each client and are here to support you throughout the process of making and fitting your luxury wig and beyond.

Style and Personalisation

wig personalisation
Styling and personalising the wig

Styling Luxury Wigs

Style your new natural European hair wig as easily as you would your own real hair. The most important thing is to make sure to protect your luscious luxury locks with heat defence, and avoid heat styling tools when you can.

Need a new look styled for a special occasion? Simply send your luxury custom made wig back to us and let our stylists use their flare to brush, wash and dress your wig into any style you’d like.

Customising Your Luxury Human Hair Wig

Your luxury wig journey is deeply personal. Discover the bespoke process of tailoring a wig that perfectly fits your preferences and lifestyle, from initial consultation to the final fitting. Even your loved ones will be amazed by the quality and elegance of your new look, the details and the natural finish.

We know how distressing it is to lose your hair through alopecia, thinning hair or chemotherapy and are here to give you back control over your look. Leave it to the experts to recreate your hair to the finest detail with our Made to Measure collection of luxury wigs and hairpieces.

We take a custom template of your head shape and size to make sure your luxury lace foundation is the perfect fit, taking note of your hairline should you require a lace front. We’ll guide you through the process as we source your European hair match, considering density, length, colour blend, texture and style before it is artfully hand-knotted hair by hair. This type of bespoke wig-making is a rare luxury we are proud to provide.

Special Features

At Mandeville London we stop at nothing to women not only the most luxurious but the most natural looking, undetectable head of hair. 

Our exclusive knotting pattern ensures hair is hand tied one by one in the direction of real growing scalp hair, allowing you the freedom to part your wig anywhere. We even knot each creation with a unique spiral crown to mimic natural hair growth, making sure that when the wig is attached, for a natural finish from every angle.

Care and Investment Just Like For Your Own Hair

styling a wig

Luxury Wig Care Tips

Maintain the beauty and longevity of your luxury wig with our expert care tips. Learn about proper storage, cleaning, and repair to keep your wig looking its best. 

Our experts will show you how to easily care for and maintain your new Mandeville hair with our exclusive rubber head block and stand. Watch our tutorials for extra guidance and don’t forget we are always on hand, giving you unlimited support with your luxury wig, topper or hairpiece.

Investing in a Luxury Wig

A luxury wig is more than an accessory; it's an investment in your confidence and identity. Explore the many styles, lasting value and craftsmanship that make Mandeville London wigs a worthy addition to your personal collection.


Dear Robert and Jo, I just wanted to say a belated (but very sincere) thank you and give you an update on how I am getting on with my “new hair” – sorry you know I hate the word wig. You know that I have been through a very traumatic time in the last year or so; being diagnosed with cancer was devastating news and the most traumatic part for me was losing my hair. I am sure you can understand when I say that, to a certain extent, my hair was a big part of who I am and sort of defined me. Thank goodness Mandeville was recommended to me. Your expertise, advice and my beautiful “new hair” has given me the strength and support to cope through the past months since I totally lost all my hair through chemotherapy. I have had some difficult times but being able to face the world still having confidence in my appearance – and ability to retain at least some control in this horrendous situation – have made an incredible difference to me. I am so glad you were honest about everything though, you were right to make sure I understood that you may need to be prepared for the amount of care needed for washing, styling etc. It did take a little time to be confident about this but actually I do enjoy the ‘ritual’ now and find it quite therapeutic. Finally you were (of course) absolutely right with your advice re the correct match for my own hair – weight and colour. I was concerned that it may have been too light but once again your expertise proved invaluable. I couldn’t be happier with my hair and just wish I could document all the compliments / great moments I have enjoyed because of Mandeville – you wouldn’t believe them all! Here are just a few: “Mrs J – you do know you will lose your hair very soon don’t you” – Specialist nurse giving me my 3rd chemotherapy treatment when I had lost all my hair“But we thought you were going to lose your hair” – Family and Friends“It’s difficult to understand how much you have been through when you always look so well” – my doctor and many more… Anyway I just wanted to share with you and let you know what a difference you have both made in my life in recent times and say a very big thank you. Hope all goes well – I will be calling in to see you next time I am in London. With very best regards,Gill - Gill, Manchester

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