Hair Piece for Women: Find Your Perfect Match

Struggling with hair loss or seeking a style update? Find the ideal hair piece for women with our guide. Explore types, styles, and essential considerations for a choice that boosts confidence and complements your look.

Exploring the World of Women's Hair Pieces

Hairpieces for women come in a wide variety, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether it’s a top piece to add volume to thinning areas, a full head piece to cover significant hair loss, or extensions to add length and volume, there’s a solution for everyone.

Hairpieces possess a transformative power that can enhance your confidence and elevate your style. The challenge is to identify a hairpiece that matches your specific needs.

Top Piece for Added Volume

Top pieces also known as toppers or half wigs are a wonder for those struggling with thinning hair or lack of volume at the crown. They are designed to add instant volume at the roots, turning flat hair into a fuller, fabulous look. Depending on your area of concern, different base sizes of hair toppers can be used. Smaller bases work perfectly for adding volume at the top of your head or a specific patch of hair loss, while larger ones conceal scalp visibility and add overall volume.

Both our Made to Measure collection and ReadyMade collection cater to topper hair pieces for women that easily attach to your head with clips or double-sided medical tape. They're designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and guarantee comfort and a secure fit for daily use. Therefore, if you desire extra boost of volume and coverage in your hair, top pieces could be your solution.

Full Coverage Hair pieces

When hair loss becomes more extensive, full-coverage hair pieces, like a wig, becomes a suitable option. These hairpieces are designed to cover the entire scalp, offering a complete transformation. From monofilament wigs that provide a natural-looking scalp to lace front wigs offering a natural hairline, there’s a variety to choose from.

If you’re experiencing extensive hair loss, rest assured there’s a suitable full coverage hair pieces available for your head to help you restore your confidence and style with fabulous natural looking human hair pieces and full wigs.

For those needing a wig or full hair piece quickly, our ReadyMade collection features 3 sizes and 10 gorgeous shades with 12" natural European human hair. For a more individual approach, try our Made to Measure collection where everything is made bespoke to your requirements. Choose whatever sort of hair, length and look you want for your custom piece.

The Magic of Extensions

Hair extensions, on the other hand, are all about adding length and volume. They create a transformative look, adding to your natural hair. There are various types of extensions, like ponytail extensions for instant volume or stick-tip and micro-bead extensions for a natural hair flow.

While hair extensions can create a dramatic transformation, at Mandeville we don't recommend this sort of solution for those with significant hair loss. Not only do they require lots of maintenance, the weight of the extensions add traction to your natural roots, and can cause tension. If your hair is already weak, extensions may exacerbate this further. Furthermore, if your hair loss is more advanced, extensions won't add enough volume at the scalp, as they rely on being attached to your bio hair.

A Look at Styles and Trends

Everyday Chic: Hairpieces for Daily Wear

Hairpieces aren’t just for those with hair loss. Many women prefer to wear them daily for an effortless, chic look. Some popular options for daily wear include:

  • Natural hairstyles
  • Pixie cut wigs
  • Colored wigs in vibrant, daring shades
  • Sleek and straight styles

With such a variety of hair pieces available, you can find the perfect option for your daily style.

Short wigs are also gaining popularity for their low-maintenance appeal. Hence, if style and easy management are your priorities, there are numerous options to consider.

Choosing the right hairpiece involves considering several factors such as:

  • color
  • size
  • style
  • budget

It’s not just about what looks good, but also what feels comfortable and suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re shopping online or at a local boutique, professional advice can be invaluable in making an informed decision.

You might wonder, how then do you go about finding the ideal hairpiece?

At Mandeville London, we're here to help every step of the way. Unlike online retailers or wig shops, our welcoming private studio townhouse offers the perfect opportunity to see for yourself how a hair piece from our ReadyMade or Made to Measure collection can help you.

Colour Matching Made Easy

One of the first steps in choosing the perfect hair pieces is finding the right colour. Our ReadyMade topper hair pieces come in a wide range of shades, though if you're looking for a more bespoke look or want to recreate your hair to the finest detail, our Made to Measure collection is perfect for you.

To ensure a natural look, aim to match the hair pieces colour as closely as possible to your natural hair colour. Our experts can do this for you - if we don't have an exact hair match in house, it will be sourced on your behalf.

To get a more natural look, your top piece or wig should be a blend of tones, rather than one flat colour, as this is most realistic and true to life. Another element that helps with this is having a slightly darker root, creating the effect of natural hair growing as it would from your head. Gone are the days of covering your roots quicker than they appear, grown out roots are a trend that is here to stay, adding dimension to your look.

Finding Your Fit: Size and Comfort

The right fit is crucial for comfortable and natural-looking hair pieces. To measure your head size for a hair pieces, we follow these steps:

  1. Find your front hairline. If you're experiencing partial or total hair loss, we find this by measuring approximately four fingers above the eyebrows.
  2. Measure the head from side to side at the widest point as well as other measurements that can determine if a ReadyMade top piece or full wig will work for you.
  3. If you do not fit the parameters of a topper or wig from our ReadyMade collection, we create a bespoke lace foundation by taking an accurate template of your head and transferring it to your personal wooden head block.

We take into account your natural hair or lack thereof underneath your hair piece, to make sure the fit is comfortable and secure. If your hair loss is due to chemotherapy, we will make sure to account for regrowth as well as loss.

Style It Up: Customising Your Look

One of the advantages of hairpieces is their customisability to match your individual style. Whether you prefer a timeless and adaptable look like long layered wigs or want to experiment with fringe styles with clip-in wig bangs, the possibilities are endless.

You can also customise the length and volume of your hairpiece to fit your lifestyle and styling preferences. Our ReadyMade hair pieces and wigs can in some cases undergo a small amount of customisation in house, should you require light colour work to make it more your own.

For ultimate customisation, our Made to Measure collection is the solution for you - it really doesn't get more bespoke than this! Not only is your lace foundation completely made to fit your individual head shape and size, we help you decide on human hair type, hair density, hair length, degree of curl, colour blend and many other custom elements to create the most fabulous results possible.

Mastering the Art of Attachment

Once you’ve chosen the perfect hairpiece, the next step is attaching it properly for a secure and natural look. Be it attaching clip-in extensions, a large wig, or just maintaining your clips and combs, it’s vital to understand the attachment process for your own peace of mind.

Securing Hair Pieces

There are many methods used to attach hair pieces for both men and women. Some recommend using clips, tape or even glue to secure your piece or hair system. Here at Mandeville, we understand that glueing isn't convenient for our clients who want to be able to remove and secure their topper or wig at will and don't believe that glue on hair systems allow from proper scalp care or hygiene.

Whether you opt for a small hair piece, a larger hair piece or a full wig, all our hair pieces are secured using a combination of small root clips and double-sided medical tape. These can be placed in areas that suit you or your pattern of hair loss and can be interchanged as and when you may need.

Caring for Your Clips and Combs

Maintaining your hairpiece’s attachment mechanisms properly can prolong their lifespan. Regularly inspect the clip and combs for signs of wear or damage, and promptly replace them if needed. We can restore your clips in-house, so make sure to reach out for help with this. Clean the attachment mechanisms thoroughly with alcohol to remove oils and dirt, ensuring they are perfectly fit for reuse.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic: Making an Informed Choice

When it comes to choosing between human hair and synthetic hairpieces, the decision largely depends on your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget. Both varieties have their advantages and disadvantages; comprehending them is essential to make a well-informed decision.

We think that human hair despite a higher price tag, is the best option and we only use the finest natural European hair for each creation.

The Luxurious Feel of Human Hair

Human hair wigs are loved for their natural look and feel. They come in a variety of textures, offering the perfect match for individual hair types. With proper care, they can last well over a year and many find that styling human hair pieces is a much more familiar process than synthetic. Human hair blends more naturally with your own hair too, for those needing hair pieces to add volume.

The Convenience of Synthetic Fibers

On the other hand, synthetic wigs offer:

  • Ease of care due to their style retention
  • Maintenance of their style regardless of weather
  • No need to be styled after washing
  • Generally more affordable than human hair wigs
  • A wide range of colour options

The ability of heat-friendly synthetic wigs to adapt to various styles also contributes to their popularity. However, one down side of synthetic hair is that friction with your clothing causes the fibres to frizz due to static.

Price Points: Investing in Quality

The price of hairpieces varies largely based on whether they’re made of human hair or synthetic fibres. Human hair wigs are generally more expensive due to factors such as the source and quality of hair, with virgin European or Russian hair being the most premium option. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are recognised for their budget-friendliness, particularly suited for those who do not require daily wear - simply wanting a change of style or a temporary new look.

Hair Piece Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your hairpiece is crucial to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan. From washing and conditioning to appropriate storage and repair, regular maintenance is indispensable for maintaining your hairpiece’s optimal condition.

Washing and Conditioning Tips

Washing and conditioning your hairpiece properly is easy and can greatly extend its life. Make sure your wig, topper or hair piece is secured to a head block before washing or styling each time. For human hair, gently detangle, wash with suitable shampoo and rinse gently from top to bottom with warm water without massaging before conditioning. Watch our wig washing tutorial here??

Avoid hot styling tools where possible and always use a heat defence product on special occasions where tongs or straighteners are necessary to stop the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Always use a good quality hair serum after each wash to replenish the oils that your own natural hair would get from your scalp. This will keep the ends and mid lengths hydrated and less prone to damage.

Storage Solutions

Your hairpiece’s storage method can greatly influence its form and durability. Storing hairpieces on a wig stand or wig head helps maintain their style and shape and protects against direct sunlight which can bleach natural human hair. Our fabulous Mandeville rubber head blocks are specially designed specifically for washing, styling and storage.

For travel storage, collapsible wig stands are lightweight, durable, and easily fit into luggage.

Repair and Restoration

Despite meticulous care, hairpieces may sustain damage over time. Luckily, our professional hair system services can restore damaged hairpieces by repairing issues like discolouration from sun fading, reduced hair density, and base material damage. The repair process can take many weeks, during which having a backup hair system is advisable.

Where to Find the Best Hair Pieces for Women

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge about different types of hairpieces, how to choose one, and how to take care of them, let’s explore where to find the best hairpieces for women. Be it online shopping or visiting a local boutique, each choice offers distinct advantages.

Shopping Online: A World of Options at Your Fingertips

Online shopping puts a plethora of choices at your disposal. You can browse through a vast selection of hairpieces from any location. Many online retailers offer competitive pricing and frequent promotions, making it easier to find good price deals on hairpieces.

Detailed product descriptions, photos, and customer reviews on the product page can help you make an informed decision. However, we have all experienced disappointing online shopping results, where the product we receive isn't what we were expecting. For something as crucial as a matching hair piece, we always recommend seeing the product in person before purchasing. Even more important is being able to feel the hair to make sure you are happy with the quality and not just the price.

Local Wig Making Studios: Personalised Service for Hair Loss

Conversely, local boutiques and salons provide the benefit of personalised assistance and the opportunity to try on hairpieces for the optimal look and feel, which is what you can expect and more at Mandeville London. Those struggling with hair loss can benefit from a private complimentary consultation with an experienced wig maker who understands what you're going through and what type of piece will produce the best results for you. We're always on hand to provide support and advice from initial consultation and far beyond.

Hairpieces offer a world of possibilities for women dealing with hair loss or those simply wanting a fresh look. From various types to trending styles, from choosing the right fit to attaching them properly, there’s a lot to consider. But with the right knowledge and guidance, you can find the perfect hairpiece that not only enhances your look but also boosts your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do women's hair pieces work?

Women's hair pieces work by adding volume and coverage to specific areas of concern needing a boost of density. The most common area for a hair piece (also known as a topper or top piece) is directly on top of the head towards the front hairline or the crown where most women start to notice hair thinning as part of the natural ageing process. They clip into your own hair and should blend seamlessly into the rest of your own hair, so a precise hair match is essential.

What's the difference between a wig and a hair piece?

A wig covers your entire head, whereas a hair piece commonly is used to treat a specific area of thinning that requires more coverage than the rest of your natural hair.

How do I choose the right hairpiece colour?

We recommend visiting a wig studio and speaking to a consultant in person to get an accurate colour match for your hairpiece, as colour perceptions can vary greatly online.

Can I wear a hairpiece daily?

Yes, our hairpieces for hair loss are designed to be easily secured for daily wear and removed each night. They are comfortable and lightweight and can help you face each day with confidence, putting your hair loss to the back of your mind.

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