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By combining traditional practices, exclusive materials, and innovative techniques with the finest natural European hair, we can restore your confidence with our superior handmade wigs and hairpieces for all types of hair loss.

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Proud to stand out from the machine-made mass-produced alternatives available within the wig industry, our wigs and hairpieces are always handmade from the finest materials, without the use of synthetic hair.

At Mandeville, our dedication to quality and craftsmanship as well as our extensive and personal experiences with hair loss make all the difference for our clients. Our luxury wigs are designed for longevity and are supportive of daily wear, making them the perfect hair replacement solution for medical wig wearers with all types of hair loss.

It takes over 270 hours of meticulous specialist work by our dedicated wig makers to create the ultimate head of hair from start to finish. As we make what we sell, your much loved wigs, toppers or hairpieces can also be repaired by us after years of daily wear.
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01. European Hair
Our hair preparers source and select only the finest, 100% natural European hair for our ready to wear and custom wigs. It can be straight, movement, waved or curly and is hand blended to match colour and texture in the required lengths.

We  also match to hair types from other ethnicities upon request, but we never work with synthetic hair.
02. Knotting
Up to 70,000 hairs are singly hand-knotted onto the wig foundation by our highly skilled knotters, following the pattern and density of naturally growing hair.

This takes many hours of intricate and detailed work for each creation. These knots are then anchored to the ultra-fine base using a special process invented by and exclusive to Mandeville, giving natural lift and bounce, just like a real head of hair.
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04. Cut and Style
The finished real hair wig or hairpiece is cut and dressed on your head by a Mandeville-appointed hairdresser in any style you choose, just as if it were your own hair.

Your new natural-looking wig will be easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville range of accessories, which includes a unique head block and stand designed exclusively for your Mandeville wig. We will also show you how to care for your wig and provide you with a filmed tutorial to view at your leisure.

For more information about our handmade wigs and to book a consultation, please get in touch today.
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Brush up on wig care fundamentals or watch our easy styling tips and tricks. Our tutorials highlight the ease of care and maintenance as well as styling versatility of our wigs, ensuring you can achieve any look you desire. Whether you wear wigs daily or for special occasions, our tutorials will help you maintain and style them with ease.
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check out our gallery

See our recent wig work, peek behind the scenes, or browse our archives. Our wigs gallery features some of the most memorable wigs we created for various clients from the early days of Mandeville to the present. We enjoy working with a range of different clients with individual requirements and making wigs that give them confidence.


It’s a lot to take in - what can we help you with?

Where does the hair come from?

We work closely with a handful of trusted hair merchants who travel through Europe sourcing the finest quality European hair available. We then select the very best hair for our clients with hair loss at Mandeville.

How long does it take to make a fully hand-knotted wig?

Not all wigs are made equal, but our wigs are handmade from start to finish and can take over 270 hours of meticulous work! Each piece will pass through the hands of several specialist Mandeville wigmakers to create the ultimate head of hair and this process can take around 4 months for a Made to Measure piece. Remember, perfection takes time!

Do I need to visit your London studio?

Yes please! Though on occasion we have been able to create wigs and hairpieces for individuals who are unable to visit, we prefer to see all clients in person 1-3 times depending on whether we opt for Made to Measure or ReadyMade solutions. We understand visiting London during the week isn't always convenient, so do make use of our virtual consultations if you're unsure and looking for advice from our helpful team.

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Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair.

When you visit us at our private London studios in Fulham, you will find a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and guide you through the process step by step to find the perfect solution that will work for you.