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Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

At Mandeville we are often asked if wigs cause hair loss, or if wearing a wig can prevent hair growth in the future. With traction alopecia from weaves, extensions and hair systems becoming increasingly common, we know how concerning it can be to wonder whether wigs or toppers could have the same effect. We understand how precious your biological hair can be, so we’re here to explain what you should look for in your new wig.


Hair loss due to wigs can be avoided by finding the perfect fit. An ill-fitting wig can cause movement or friction to the scalp and hair underneath, which may lead to irritation. Rest assured that a well-fitting wig will not cause hair loss or stop hair growth – this is why we do not, and will never sell our creations online.
Instead you will be invited to our relaxing, private London studios for your complimentary consultation, where our experienced consultants will assess your personal hair loss and guide you through which of our collections will get you the very best results. For the last 50 years we have specialised in creating bespoke, second skin-like foundations, handmade to your exact requirements. We take a detailed template of your head shape and measurements, ensuring superior comfort and the ultimate fit so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your wig will not cause hair loss.


Another feature you should look for to ease concern over how to prevent hair loss from wigs is the materials that it is made from. With such a huge selection of cheap, mass-produced wigs available today, we are proud to stand out from the crowd, and have created the most superior lace material available today, invented by and exclusive to us. Our foundations are supremely breathable – this means your scalp won’t get hot, itchy or irritated in preparation for any regrowth.


The greatest benefit of choosing a wig or topper over weaves and extensions is that it can be easily secured and removed at will. Tightly sewn integrated hair systems are known to cause strain to your own hair and need to be removed professionally. Not only can this make for an uncomfortable nights sleep, it can also make it harder to upkeep your optimal scalp health – something which we know plays a key role in promoting hair growth. You may be wondering if wig clips cause hair loss or traction alopecia. Whilst wigs and toppers are by far the most gentle option, not all wigs are made equal. Our foundations weigh less than a single gram so the only weight felt is that of your gorgeous new hair, leaving the clips to effectively secure your hair without causing damage. We never use messy glues that can cause irritation to your sensitive scalp – the last thing you want when trying to protect your hair. After your individual hair loss has been assessed, your completed wig or topper can be secured using an interchangeable selection of double sided medical tape and/or clips, which are personalised to suit your regrowth pattern.


So, do wigs cause hair loss? A great wig will not, which is where we come in. In fact, wearing your perfectly-fitting, breathable, lightweight Mandeville wig can protect your own hair from colour and styling damage, helping to keep it strong and healthy. For further advice or to arrange your complimentary consultation, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7386 5988 or email us at

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