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Going for Grey: the Search for Silver Hair

With a never ending supply of products to hide our greys and the deep-rooted desire to halt the hands of time, women have long been conditioned to hide their natural silver strands as soon as they appear. Where men ease gently into their ‘silver fox’ era, for women the hair once symbolic of wisdom has been harshly rebranded to represent the lost battle for youth. However, here at Mandeville London natural silver hair colours are more sought after than ever. Welcome to the world of wig making, the only place where silver is worth more than gold.

The demand for European hair of any colour has grown considerably over the last decade, with a rise in the popularity of hair extensions and fashion wigs now competing with the medical industry for the best of the best. Most recently, the conflict in Ukraine has disrupted many hair supply chains that relied upon superior European hair from Russia and their neighbours.

From dark silver hair and charcoal to the brighter hues of vibrant white and platinum we find beauty in all shades of grey. For our clients we scour the earth for a perfect hair match or create a custom blend of natural silver tones to replicate the variance of their lacking silver locks. Many without hair loss feel self-conscious about their greys, but we love to see how a stylish silver wig or topper boosts our clients confidence and self-esteem.

We work with individual donors and a handful of trusted hair merchants who source the gold standard of silver hair, meaning only the purest silver available. We steer clear of grey hair that has yellowed or leans blue from too much toning as well as silver purple hair from purple shampoo overkill. So what makes natural silver hair so rare in wig making? Simply put, demand is high and supply is low. 

You may think that grey hair is one of the most abundant types of hair in the world but in fact, those with natural silver hair are the least common donors, whilst being the most likely to experience hair loss or thinning. People with silver hair are usually in an age group who would not consider selling their hair for financial gain. They often have less hair to give, as a result of naturally decreasing density as we age and commonly wear their hair in shorter styles. Short hair is more challenging to work with when creating our wigs, as some length is lost during the process of hand-knotting each strand.

Pure natural silver hair cannot be replicated with bleach and dyes, which is why we pay a premium to source the finest natural silver hair available for our clients. Knowing how scarce silver hair can be, we value it as the most precious hair in the world. For many going grey is a burden but here at Mandeville London, we’re giving it the respect it deserves!

Natural grey hair wig by Mandeville London


Can I donate my grey hair?

Grey hair is not usually accepted by charities such as The Little Princess Trust as it is not an appropriate colour for their clients. However, should you wish to donate your silver grey hair to be made into wigs for people with hair loss at Mandeville, we will donate to The Little Princess Trust financially on your behalf. To find out if your hair could help one of our clients, email us at

Can I buy a grey wig?

Yes, but make sure you know what type of hair is used to avoid disappointment and if possible, try before you buy. It’s important to be able to feel the hair as all too often, sellers bleach hair heavily to achieve the white or silver colour shown, synthetic silver wigs often look too shiny and some silver wigs are even made of yak hair! Here at Mandeville London, we use only the finest 100% natural European silver hair for our Made to Measure wigs.

What causes grey hair?

Each hair follicle on your body contains cells that produce pigment called melanin. As we age, we naturally produce less of these pigment cells within the hair follicles, leading to grey or white hair. Our natural hair colour does not change to grey, it simply loses pigment and becomes more transparent as it grows over time with less and less melanin.

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