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Wig Care 101 - A Comprehensive Guide To Wig Maintenance

Whether you wear wigs for style, ease or necessity, caring for them properly is essential. So, you’ve invested in a real hair wig... now what? Well firstly, we hope it brings you the confidence you deserve. Join us as we explore the tips and tricks to taking care of your wig while it takes care of you.

At Mandeville we’re here to help you steer clear from any necessary wear and tear, so let’s start with the wig care basics. These fundamental rituals are arguably the most important, as with proper care your human hair wig should see you through at least 18 months of daily wear.

Always pin down your wig to wash and style. Make sure you have an appropriate block that supports your wig size and shape, made from a water repellent material, such as our luxury rubber block and stand. Pinning the wig taut to the block will give the foundation or wig cap security and distribute any tension evenly, avoiding damage.

Take care when washing your wig. On average, we recommend washing your wig every 8-10 days depending on your lifestyle and environment. Whilst the steps remain the same as washing your own hair, the methods are quite different. Most importantly, you should smooth the products down the length of the hair and brush it through, rather than massaging it in, as this can create heavy matting, especially around the roots.

Store your wig on the block when not in use. This will help maintain the shape of your wig long-term. If you should find yourself without your block on occasion, scrunch some tissue paper into around shape and use it to stuff the inside of your wig for a little support and pop it in a box with plenty of room.

Wig Block For Wig Storing

Never sleep in your wig if you aim to increase its lifespan. Not only is it advisable to let your scalp breathe overnight, wearing your wig to bed creates excessive friction between your head and the pillow as you toss and turn, causing the hair to push through to the underside of the foundation or wig cap. Imagine bed head, but irreparable.

Don’t swim in your wig. Unless you have a cheaper, alternative wig for swimming or taking on holiday, never wear your real hair wig in a pool or the sea. Chlorinated pool water and salt water not only dry out the hair, they can also damage the polymers or knot sealers used in some human hair wigs.

Avoid regular heat styling and opt instead for air drying or heatless curls. On occasion when you’d like to use hot tools, adequate heat defence spray is a must! Remember, the damage of using heat on your real hair wig is the same, if not worse than on biological hair. A real head of hair is in a constant cycle of growth and regeneration and unfortunately, we’re yet to design a wig that does the same.

So, you’re now on your way to future proofing your luscious locks with the wig care fundamentals, here’s a few more secrets we’re willing to share in the name of great hair. These extra tips will increase your wig’s longevity, so don’t use them sparingly!

Use a high quality serum after every wash to hydrate your mid-lengths and ends. This step should never be skipped and is essential to condition your hair. When you brush biological hair, the natural oils produced by your scalp are dispersed from roots to ends, keeping it healthy and nourished. Mimic this effect with your wig by investing in a serum and apply to damp hair.

Be mindful applying facial products. Things like makeup, self-tan, and even SPF can cause build up on your foundation and the hair around your face. This can be most problematic for blondes, causing hair to turn pink! If this isn’t the look you’re going for, make sure to avoid your wig line when applying your usual favourites. Keep an eye out for any odd pink/orange tones developing, using the process of elimination to identify the culprit.

Avoid DIY customisation at all costs. Whether you’ve been tempted by a box dye or inspired by an at-home transformation, we encourage you to reassess. While you may feel perfectly capable of a quick touch up, colouring wigs can be a different science to colouring biological hair, so please, leave it to the professionals!

Reduce sun exposure to keep your wig its original shade long-term. Not only can UV exposure damage hair, it also bleaches it over time. If you spend a lot of time basking in the sun (we’re jealous), consider wearing a hat and using a protective spray.

Seek professional help. Did you know that you can send your Mandeville wig to us for some extra TLC? Let us transform your lacklustre locks with a deep cleanse and condition service and we’ll post your hair back to you a new woman. As we make what we sell, your beloved wig or hairpiece can also be repaired by us after much wear and tear, or dare we say... accidental damage.

Mastering the art of wig maintenance is not only about preserving the beauty of your hairpiece, but also the confidence it brings. By putting these tips into practice, you can ensure that your wig remains a reliable companion for many good hair days to come.

Visit our tutorials page for step by step guides on pinning down and washing your wig. For further advice on your Mandeville hair, get in touch with our helpful consultants on 0207 386 5988.


How often should you wash a wig?

We recommend washing your wig or hairpiece around once every 8-10 days, depending on your lifestyle and environment. Of course, it’s best to use your own judgement and especially if you live a very active lifestyle or are often around cooking smells, you may wish to refresh your piece more frequently.

Can I dye my wig at home?

We’d always suggest seeking professional advice to avoid any disastrous, irreversible results! At Mandeville, we cannot be held responsible for any colour work performed on our pieces outside our studio.

Do you need to wash a wig on a block?

While some advice suggests you can simply swish your wig in water, at Mandeville we strongly advise clients to wash their human hair wig or hairpiece on an appropriate block to stop the hair becoming matted or pushing through to the inside of the foundation.

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