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European Hair Wigs

Welcome to Mandeville London. We produce the UK’s finest Ready Made and Made to Measure European human hair wigs, designed to create the most natural looking head of hair, giving you back the confidence that you deserve. People come to us for a variety of reasons, including natural hair loss and hair loss caused by Alopecia or Chemotherapy treatment. Whatever the reason may be, the Mandeville team are here to advise and help you find the best solution for your hair loss.

Specialist European Hair Wig Makers in the UK

Our range of bespoke European hair wigs and hairpieces are made by our team of highly skilled wig makers who are dedicated to creating beautiful wigs made from European hair. The creative team design and produce bespoke ready-made human hair wigs, ¾ wigs and half wigs that feel and react like a naturally growing head of hair. Once completed, our European human hair wigs will then be cut and styled on your head by a Mandeville appointed hairdresser.

Our European hair wigs are made from the finest quality human hair, combined with the finest foundation materials which have been developed by, and are unique to Mandeville. Our wig foundations weigh less than a gram, so they will feel incredibly comfortable, light and cool to wear. Up to 70,000 hairs are individually hand-knotted in the same direction as they grow on the head, including the spiral of the crown, to help the hair flow naturally and effortlessly.

European Hair Wigs

Our Ready Made and Made to Measure human hair wigs and hairpieces offer solutions to all forms of hair loss and are widely regarded as the finest European hair wigs available in Europe.

Ready Made

Our collection of Ready Made and half wigs are completely handmade and are available in a choice of 11 different colours and 3 sizes. They are a great choice if you are looking for a wig to have straight away. A Mandeville appointed hairdresser will also cut and dress the wig on your head, just like your own hair.

Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure collection of wigs and hairpieces are designed and crafted to your specific requirements. The European human hair wig will be matched to your desired colour, texture, length and degree of curl.

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Our consultants are available to discuss your individual requirements and expectations with you. We are here to offer you positive and constructive advice, without any obligation or fee. All consultations take place in our friendly and private consulting room at our studio in Fulham, London. To find out more, please call us on 0207 386 5988 to discuss your requirements and/or make an appointment with the Mandeville team today.

Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair, our team of designers and craftspeople can help whatever your needs