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Wigs for Thinning Hair

If you find you are struggling with thinning hair and want to give your hair density a boost, let us show you how a Mandeville handmade full or half wig can be the perfect solution to help you face the world each day with renewed confidence. We have helped thousands of people with thinning hair over the past 50 years, so we know we can help you too.

50 Years of Mandeville London Wigs

Our range of Made to Measure and Ready Made wigs and half wigs provide the ultimate solution to all forms of thinning hair, helping you to regain your confidence. The Mandeville half wig is a perfect solution for thinning hair as you may not require a full wig, blending in seamlessly with your own hair and are completely undetectable.

They are also a great solution too if you want to simply boost your own hair volume; it’s a much kinder alternative to hair extensions and hair weaves. All our Made to Measure hand-crafted 100% natural human hair wigs are tailored and designed to each client that comes to Mandeville. If you need a solution immediately, we have our Readymade range of wigs and half wigs, which come in 12” European hair and a popular range of colours.

How to Cope with Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hairloss, then it’s important to understand that you are not alone. Over 90 million women are affected by varying degrees of thinning hair, the most common cause being genetic or following an illness. Thinning hair can also be due to a vitamin and mineral deficiency, thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances to name but a few.

Thinning Hair Wigs

Our Ready Made Half Wig blends in seamlessly with your own hair

Wigs for Thinning Hair

Our Prices:

Ready Made (recommended for thinning hair)

Half Wig: Prices from £3,800

Full Wig: Prices from £3,950

Made to Measure

Hairpiece: Prices from £2,690

Half Wig: Prices from £4,920

Full Wig: Prices from £5,200

Coming to terms with thinning hair can be hard, especially when it affects our appearance. Our team at Mandeville London fully understand the stress and trauma that any type of hair loss can cause, and we will work together to give you the most natural looking head of hair out there. With our Made to Measure and Readymade range of wigs and half wigs we know we have the solution for you, allowing you to put your hair loss to the back of your mind.

The Bespoke Wig Making and Fitting Service

We take pride in providing a personal caring service to all our clients at our private London studio, guiding you through the process every step of the way.
All our bespoke Made to Measure human hair wigs for thinning hair are completely handmade using the finest, extra strong foundation material, invented and used exclusively by Mandeville. Our wigs are made from 100% natural best quality European hair and you have complete control over the desired colour, texture, length and feel, whether it be straight, slight wave or curly.

The wigs are all completely handmade by our team of highly skilled wigmakers who spend hours intricately knotting real human hairs. They knot one or two hairs at a time, in the same direction of real hair growth to ensure it moves and reacts just like a real head of growing hair. The finished real hair wigs are then cut and dressed on the client’s head by a Mandeville appointed hairdresser into their desired style, just like your own hair.

Our wigs are easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville accessories. We will show you how to care and look after your wig so that it always looks it’s best. We will also provide you with a ‘How to Care for Your Wig’ tutorial video for you to watch at home.

Why choose Mandeville London

If you would like more information on our real hair wigs for thinning hair, please view our films and testimonials on our website.

Get the very nearest you can to having your own hair. The Mandeville team of designers and craftspeople can help whatever your needs.