Ready Made Collection

Ready Made

Mandeville's Ready Made collection are a good option for people who are experiencing hairloss as a result of chemotherapy treatment, alopecia or any other form of hair loss that requires a wig quickly. They can be ready to be fitted in as little as 1 to 7 days after the initial consultation.

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Full Wig
Half Wig


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The Ready Made collection is all completely handmade to the same standard as our Made to Measure collection using the same materials and unique features, including the spiral of the crown and have the ability to be parted anywhere, just as if it was your own hair.


Both the full wig and the half wig are attached by either double sided tape if you have no hair, small clips that clip into your own hair or can be a combination of both depending on your hairloss. 


Ready Made Full Wig

The Ready Made full wig comes in 11 carefully selected colours as shown on the colour ring above. They are available in 3 sizes, designed to fit most heads. We use only the finest quality 12” European hair to ensure they move and react like a real head of hair.

The Ready Made full wig is cut and dressed on your head into any style you choose. Whether you prefer to keep your new hair long, or go short, our Mandeville appointed hairdresser will work with you to create your vision.

They are easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville range of accessories.

Readymade Half Wig

The Ready Made half wig also comes with the finest quality 12” European hair and 11 colours. They are a great choice for people with fine or varying degrees of thinning hair, including female pattern baldness. The half wig is also a great solution if you just simply want to boost your own hair volume as it is a much kinder alternative to hair extensions and hair weaves.


Once they are cut on your head they blend in flawlessly into your own hair, and are totally undetectable. They are also easy to wash and style at home using the Mandeville range of accessories.

Our client wears a Ready Made half wig showing what can be achieved before and after.